10 Unusual Ways To Use Pool Noodles


10 Unusual Ways To Use Pool Noodles. They are fun for the pool but here are different ways to use them.

10 Unusual Ways To Use Pool Noodles. They are fun for the pool but here are different ways to use them.


Decorate them to look like a pony with items from a craft store.

Make your crutches more comfortable: Cut the pool noodle down to the length of your handle bars and armpit rests. Then Cut the side of the pool noodle to make an opening so that you can slide it onto your crutch.

For a sink too small and a bucket too big: Place the bottom of a full sized noodle into the bucket you want to fill. Then, take the opposite end of the pool noodle and place up against the faucet, placing the hole of the noodle to the water spout.

To prevent doors from slamming shut or from closing by putting pool noodles on the edge. Cut a small piece of pool noodle off. Slit open the side of noodle to create opening. Slide the noodle on the side of the door and up high out of reach of children.

Support your plants: Use a pool noodle as a support for plants in place of a wooden stake. Cut the noodle lengthwise using a knife. Then, fit it around the base of a plant. As the plant gradually grows taller, you can add another section to support the added growth.

Fit a pool noodle around a hanger to create a soft curve. Then, hang your pants around the pool noodle to hang dry without having any creases in your pants.

For pot drainage: Cut up pool noodles into small pieces and place at the bottom of your flower pot. They provide drainage and they save you money since you’ll need less soil at the bottom of the pot.

Door wreath: Tape two ends of a pool noodle together to create a circle. Then decorate the pool noodle with anything that’s festive or holiday-related to create a lovely wreath for the home.

Kneeling pad: Just cut pool noodle down to your preferred size and will make an awesome kneeling pad.

Sharp corners: Use full sized noodles to start with and slit the sides of them to create an opening. Wrap the edge of the sharp corner with the slit pool noodles.

Extra one just for fun:

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