12 Things I Bet You Did Not Know


12 Things I Bet You Did Not Know. The real purpose for everyday items. They will surprise you.


The real reason for stripes on toothpaste: Even though solid white brands offer the same hygiene benefits, companies continue to add stripes to their paste because it’s a proven seller.

The bottom line is the rough equivalent of a 1 oz recommended serving of hard liquor, the second marks the 5 oz recommended dose of wine, and the third line marks 12 oz, the perfect amount for a cup of brew.

The true purpose of the hole on pan-handles is to hold the handle of most stirring spoons. This way the spoon end hangs directly over the pot and minimizes the mess from cooking.

Lids are manufactured with this function in mind, and each size fits the corresponding cup’s base.

When you unfold the paper cups, they turn into small paper platters that can hold a great deal more sauce for all your dipping needs

If you have trouble unscrewing the childproof cap, you can use the other side of the cap to make it easier to open your medicine when you need to.

That arrow next to the gas tank is there to indicate to you which side your fuel tank sits on.

The real purpose of the fabric, that sometimes comes with your clothes, is for you to test out your cleaning products on, to make sure they won’t ruin the material

The hole in a soda can intended purpose is actually to serve as a place-holder for your straw. Simply spin the tab around over the opening and slip your straw through.

The fifth pocket was designed to protect expensive pocket watches by keeping it snugly and safely tucked into place.

The lines in your freezer are to stand your groceries up, for more room.

The drawer on your stove is for keeping food warm and not for pots and pans


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