DIY Flour Substitutes


DIY Flour Substitutes. How to substitute all purpose flour into cake flour, self rising flour, almond flour, tortilla flour, bread flour or seasoned flour.

Cake Flour If you want to make really soft cake layers, reach for cake flour.

Self-Rising Flour You will automatically get that nice rise out of your baked goods every time you use self rising flour

Almond Flour It’s commonly used in baked goods, like cookies, cakes, and quick breads, and perhaps most famously in macrons.

Tortilla Flour Flour tortillas are commonly used in burritos, tacos, fajitas, and other Tex-Mex foods, especially if eaten with hands.

Bread Flour Is a high-protein flour that typically contains between 12 and 14% protein and is designed for baking yeast breads. The high protein content means that bread flour has more gluten in it, which makes the dough more elastic and light and results in a chewy and airy texture when baked.

Seasoned Flouris used to coat chicken, shrimp, fish, steak and vegetables before frying. It can also be used to thicken and flavor pan sauces.


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