Easiest Ways To Get Hard Water Stains Out Of Your Toilet


Easiest Ways To Get Hard Water Stains Out Of Your Toilet. Tips from friends that swear they work. So give one of them a try.


A can of Coca-Cola. Pour in for 15 minutes before you flush use your toilet brush and it’ll take everything away. Might have to let it sit twice overnight.  Can matters because you want all the carbonation. For more difficult stains, leave overnight no less than 6 hours with no flushing.

First, check to see if the water is always running water to the bowl. We had a slow drip and had to get a new flapper and adjust the floater. Then, turn off the toilet, drain the bowl, place a damp cloth with a bleach based cleaner on the stain for a few minutes. Give a gentle scrub, rinse. Repeat until stain is gone. (To check for a leak, use some food color in the tank when the tank is full – no water supposed to run)

Pumice Stone Stick works wonders. That is what I use.

Dollar tree “The Works” Toilet bowl cleaner.

Steradent, Polident or Efferdent Denture Tablets. Drop in your toilet overnight and scrub the next morning.

Soft Scrub bleach. Let sit then most will be gone. Anything left hit with a scrub brush.

Clean your toilet every other day.

Turn water off. Flush toilet. With no water in the bowl apply cleaning product like Lime Away. Let sit. Scrub. Once clean turn water back on so bowl will fill with water.

Bleach and Dawn dish soap. Pour 1 cup of bleach and 2 tablespoons of dawn in the toilet. Clean good with the toilet brush and let it sit in there overnight. It will be gone in the morning!!!!!

Take a small jar, punched holes in the lid, filled it with vinegar, and placed it in your toilet tank. About once every second month replace the vinegar. I’m the only person using the toilet, so a bigger family might have to replace it more often. My toilet never needs cleaning.

Lysol. Pour it along the rim and let run down into the water. It is so thick it doesn’t mix with the water. It sits on the stains. After 30-40 mins I scrub and it comes clean.

Whinx rust remover. The rust dissolves right before your eyes, in about 30 seconds. Really! Can be bought at Walmart.

Good old fashioned Comet to clean toilets. Hard water stains be gone!!

Try WD40. People have told me it works.

I asked a sales lady at Lowes what would possibly work, she got me a bottle of the Iron out and I couldn’t be happier. The stains are GONE!!!

I saw online today show using Choreboy Copper Scrubber on the toilet removes a lot more than CLR. I had horrible rust stains from a well and the Choreboy was the only thing that cleaned it

Can’t beat vinegar!!!! Flush down water level and soak paper towel in vinegar add place on stains and let it sit for 1/2 hr. If it’s really bad you may need to repeat!!

Of course you could always use your husbands toothbrush.

Just kidding!


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