How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of A Mattress


How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of A Mattress. The best DIY tips that work.

How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of A Mattress. The best DIY tips that work.


1.Sprinkle entire mattress with baking soda. Let sit for four hours then vacuum. Next take a mixture of half vinegar and half alcohol and spray it down all over.

2. Air it out as long as possible. Spray it with fabric Softener after.

3.Sprinkle with baking soda let sit for awhile then vacuum off.

4.Try enclosing it in a plastic mattress cover.

5.There is an aerosol spray called Super D. Buy it at a pool supply store. It gets the smell of death out of anything. So it should work on smoke.

6.Mixed vinegar and water in a spray bottle and sprayed the entire mattress. That night there will just the smell of vinegar. After a couple days all smell gone.

7.Use dryer sheets and rub all over mattress.

8.Take an empty, clean, spray bottle, fill 1/2 with warm-hot water. Then add 2 Tbsp baking soda, 1 tsp Ivory dish soap, 2 tsp apple cider vinegar. Shake it well until everything is mixed. fill bottle a little more with cold water and shake a bit more. Take mattress outside and spray with mixture. Let sit for an hour. Then Hose it down, flip it and hose the other side. Let it stay outside to dry flipping mattress every few hour until completely dry. If you can`t do this due to weather right now spray with Fabreeze and wait until summer.

9.Use Coffee grounds. Let set for a day then vacuum. May take multiple attempts depending on the severity of the smell.

10.Go to Walmart and get a can of Smoke Away. Spray mattress and then let it air out for a while.

If all else fails, then you will have to buy a new mattress. Sometimes the smell gets too deep in the fabric.

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