How To Get Vomit Stain Out Of Couch Or Carpet


How To Get Vomit Stain Out Of Couch Or Carpet. Accidents do happen. Tips to remove the stain and odor.


When cleaning always check product on small hidden area first.

Clean with Pinesol then spray with Febreze for fabric.

I use vinegar to clean anything smelly even my carpet, I have 4 dogs. I mop my floors with a bit of vinegar, and a dash of dawn dish soap. Cleans grease right up. When I am damp mopping I use a bit of rubbing alcohol. Dries really fast. 1/2 white vinegar to 1/2 water ratio.

Sprinkle baking soda and leave for few days and it works. Add cinnamon to the baking soda before sprinkling very heavy handed.

Tuff Stuff Upholstery cleaner sold at Walmart in the automotive section.

Saturate with an enzymatic cleaner. Use about 3x the volume of the vomit to saturate the entire area that was soiled. Nature’s Miracle, Petastic, OdorMute, BIZ laundry booster are all enzymatic cleaners. Nature’s Miracle contains quite a lot of alcohol which is a best choice for a couch (dries out faster).

Odoban works great can use on anything and you can get it at Sams club or Walmart.

Nature’s Miracle in the red bottle works better than anything else I have found. It eliminated urine stains from a new puppy and marking from a cat. It breaks down the enzymes causing the odor. It has it’s own smell that will disappear 24-48 hours later. You can purchase at any pet store, Walmart, Target, and Big Lots. Some grocery stores carry it. You can find it in the pet aisle or with the carpet/upholstery cleaning stuff.

Scrubbing Bubbles spray foam.

Vanilla extract. Just rub some in on the spot.


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