How To Keep Mice Out Of Your House


How To Keep Mice Out Of Your House. In the fall, when farmers cut their crops, mice will scurry into your home for food. Tips to keep them out of your home.

Check your house thoroughly for any small hole they could get in. They can squeeze into tiny cracks. Check basement windows and doors, pipes, etc. also your attic space. Block up any holes with steel wool. Mice will not chew trough steel wool. Put aluminum foil in smaller holes. Unless you can find the tiny little holes where they are coming in, they’ll keep coming back.

Get a cat. A cat will keep the mice away. But the cat might play with it for awhile. LOL. They don’t eat them though so you will have to scoop them up to throw them away when they are done. It’s kind of gross. Get a cat for outside and one for inside.

Equal parts of white sugar and baking soda. Mix well , either sprinkle every where you see rodent droppings or place jar lids with mixture any where you want. It is kid and pet safe, and will take care of all your rodent problems.

Peppermint oil on cotton balls. Place near where the mice might be coming in. Or put peppermint oil in a spray bottle mixed with water and around baseboards. You can spray outside your around your house, they don’t like the smell of peppermint.

Throw chunks of Irish Spring soap all under counters and no more rats .

Take fabric softener sheets and place them anywhere mice could possibly get into your home. Sounds crazy, but I hear it works and it will work as an air freshener too.

Place Tootsies Rolls on a mouse trap. Let it harden on the metal trigger. Gets them every time.

Moth balls believe me they work. 1 or 2 in a room works great.

Traps and glue pads if you want peace of mind, mice can get used to any scented product.

Mice hate Cloves! Just put them at areas you think they are getting in. You can buy them in bulk.

A pet snake will also eat the mice.

Peanut Butter on a mouse trap. Cheese is too easy for the mice to steal.

Fir Oil packets. Can be bought at Lowe’s or on Amazon. Put them under your sink where they are more likely come in thru the pluming.

The hottest pepper juice you can boil down. Then place it around where you think they may be coming in.

Mice don’t like fresh mint, so plant around your house.

No offence but make sure all food is in containers. Crumbs cleaned up so there is no food source.

Purchased Riddex plug- ins for the house, basement & garage. They are great!

At last resort Call Professionals. They will help figure out how they are coming inside.


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