How To Keep Your Towel Closet From Smelling


How To Keep Your Towel Closet From Smelling. Towels often get stinky. These are the best tips to solve that problem.


First make sure your towels are 110% completely dry before putting them in your closet.

Empty the closet, smell the towels, maybe one was still damp when it went it and it’s the problem.

Rotate your towels. Put the cleanest ones on the bottom when storing.

Place coffee grounds in a coffee filter and set in your closet.

Put a scented candle in the closet, of course not lit.

Start storing your hand soap in your towel closet and open a box just to get it started.

Add 1 cup white vinegar when washing towels or wash towels with 1 cup vinegar then prewash with 1 cup baking/washing soda and laundry soap.

Use spray bottle with half warm water and downy. Shake and spray. Or your fabric softener with warm water! Spray and let dry. Works wonders!

Toss in some dryer sheets between some of the towels. I also put dryer sheets in my car, and under the cushion of my sofas.

Spray with Febreze.

Space out the towels by rolling and layering, with space in between.

Place a box of baking soda in the closet. Punch holes in a couple of boxes and stick in the corners and close the door for a day or so!

Take everything out of the closet and scrub the closet with pine-sol or bleach.

Wash all towels again then line your shelving with Lavender.

Purchase some activated bamboo charcoal. You can get it on Amazon in bags. Once a month put it in the the window were it gets full sunlight for the day and then put it back in the closet. It will take care of the smell.

One thing that can cause the problem too is using too much soap. When you rewash don’t use any detergent. They are clean so don’t need it and you may be shocked at the amount of soap that comes out of them. Put vinegar in for the rinse. You don’t smell it and it’ll help soften your things. Towels will dry you better too. Never use fabric softeners in your towels. That prevents them from drying you well as it repels water.

You might have to wash all your towels over and make sure they are completely dry then use a hair dryer to make sure to shelves are dry and put a softener sheet on the bottom of the towels before you put them back.

Use snuggle dryer sheets, it smells like baby powder and it really works.

Put (cheap) vodka and water in a spray bottle and spray your closet.

Put a dehumidifier bag in your closet you will be surprised at the amount of moisture you will have. Go to the Dollar Tree and buy an activated charcoal dehumidifier canister and change it every 30 days.

Get some zest soap. Take out the box and hide it in your closet. It works with smelly shoes too, just cut soap in half and put one in each shoe.

Try “Simple Green” to wash the walls. A friend of mine used to manage a hotel and she said that was what they used on the walls, etc. after having a smoker in the room.

If all else fails you might need to repaint the closet with Kilz paint.

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