Remedies For Hot Flashes


Remedies For Hot Flashes. From ladies who swear these tips work. What works for one person may not work for another.


Worth a try:

Air conditioning, fan on the floor or table, and a  ceiling fan.


Soy pills are over the counter. Or Sage tablets.

Stay away from to much alcohol, it intensifies the hot flashes.

Prenatal Supplements  first month 2 a day then 1 a day “don’t have any hot flashes at all.  I buy mine at dollar store
Take 2 a day for the first month then go down to 1 a day. I’ve been taking them for years. I went to a naturalist n it worked for me and many others.” ” I was told the only difference between prenatal and reg vitamins is folic acid and iron. I just looked it up and there was a study that showed folic acid did help in hot flashes…. crazy!!! Who would’ve known!!”


Try brown pears.

A good quality CBD oil.

Try Black Cohosh. It is over the counter and works well for some. It is about $5.00 at Dollar General Store.

Try wild yam cream at the health food store. My friend swears it’s the only thing that has helped her.

“I  started Estroven a month ago and it has helped me.”

Limit Caffeine.

Wild yam cream.

” A nurse told me to take 800 iu’s of vitamin E a day for hot flashes. I was having 5-10 a day and they have completely stopped. I could only find mg’s so I had to Google a conversion chart. Was also taking primrose oil and black cohosh for two months before starting the e oil and didn’t have ANY change until starting the E. It’s like night and day.” 

Start walking and take Vitamin E.  Vitamin E 800 mg and watch your sugar intake, the more you ingest the more you tend to sweat!

“I asked my doc for natural remedies and he wrote down some. Almost all were in the One A Day Menopause vitamins. I’m telling you ladies…they really do work!!!”

Try “Hotflash” by Source Naturals. “It’s a combo and worked great for me.”

A nurse told me to DO This when I had the hot flashes. Do contractions exercises but to do then slowly. What is does is expand your muscles to let air out. I was having hot flashes one after the other and start doing the contraction exercises and they work, believe me. After I would do them I felt so much better. She also told me to eat Frezzer white grapes, and get some ice pop eat about 2 of them it helps. GOOD LUCK


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