Tips To Reduce Wrinkles From Your Dryer


Tips To Reduce Wrinkles From Your Dryer. Easy ways to get wrinkles out of your clothes.


Take clothes out of dryer as soon as they dry . Check every 15 min or so. Sometimes hang when still damp.

Fold clothes straight out of the dryer into a laundry basket. Shake clothes out before putting in dryer. Untwist legs on jeans and long sleeves.

Put a couple of ice cubes and run the dryer for a couple of minutes. Heat melts ice and creates steam, gets wrinkles right out.

If you have a wrinkled shirt and want to freshen it or take out wrinkles, wet a hand towel and wring out well and throw it in the dryer with the item.

Take a small section of the bottom of clothing at the store, bunch it up and if it doesn’t relax easily don’t buy it.

Hang lightly wrinkled clothes in your bathroom while you shower. The steam loosens wrinkles.

Spray bottle of water with fabric softener and a hair dryer could help if it’s only an item or two that are wrinkled.

Downy wrinkle release. Sold at most stores

Make a baseball size ball of aluminum foil and put in dryer cycle with clothes. It helps with static and wrinkles. Dry only on medium heat.

Do not overload your dryer. It will cause the clothes to come out more wrinkled.

You can make your own wrinkle release spray with white vinegar, hair conditioner, and water.

Put a little bit of fabric softener in a spray bottle. Fill rest up of water. Shake it to mix. Spray wrinkled clothes. Shake out wrinkled clothes. Hang.


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