Todd the Tortoise Indoor/Outdoor Statue, 30 Inch Long


Todd the Tortoise is the friendliest reptile around and the perfect pal to occupy your garden or backyard. Tortoises may be known for being slow, but Todd sure is quick to greet you and your house guests with a warm welcome!

His detailed, earth toned shell is sure to blend well with any outdoor color scheme your backyard has.

Todd also loves the indoors, so feel free to make him a unique decor accent in any room of your home.

Constructed from poly-concrete material that is made up to 50% light concrete mixed with a polyresin, fiberglass and sand blend combined with an accelerant to harden it and make it extra durable. Todd is sure to be a long-lasting decor piece for years and years to come. His hollow shell makes him easy to move around your outdoor landscape and inside your home.

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