Top 9 Cooking Tips


Top 9 Cooking Tips. Advice that will make your life much easier. You can even print the tips.

Top 9 Cooking Tips


  1. Sprinkle powdered sugar on each layer of your cake before filling or frosting. This will keep the filling from soaking through the cake.

    2. Uncooked spaghetti is great to use instead of toothpicks for holding a cake together while waiting for the icing to set.

    3. Uncooked spaghetti works well to light birthday candles.

    4. Substitute two egg whites stiffly beaten for each whole egg in a recipe for lower cholesterol.

    5. Add a pinch of salt to the sugar and your icing won't become grainy.

    6. Use cocoa instead of flour to "flour" your baking pans so your cakes and cookies won't have that floury look.

    7. Trace the bottom of your baking pan onto waxed paper and cut it out. Use this in the bottom of the pan and grease the sides like normal. When the cake is done, it comes out easily and the paper can be removed while the cake is still warm.

    8. Roll the dough directly onto a greased and floured cookie sheet, cut the cookies out then pick up the scrap for thinner crispier dough.

    9. Cookies wills stay moist if a slice of bread is placed in the cookie jar.

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