Ways To Remove Smoke Smell From Your Home


Ways To Remove Smoke Smell From Your Home. Quit smoking and the smell lingers in your house? Try these tips:

I am NOT affiliated with any of the products listed. Just suggestions. 


Vinegar absorbs odor, set bowls out of it and clean your glass, carpets, etc. with it. Even can spay it.

Wash all walls down good, shampoo carpets, Febreeze everything you can.

Deodorize your carpets with baking soda, wash walls. If you really want the smell out of the walls paint them but use Kilz Primer first.

Take your favorite smelling laundry softener add it to a bucket of water and wash you walls.

Smart and Final, sells this spray called Zap. It is amazing.


Smoke gets into everything. Steam clean your living room furniture if you can.

Very cheap vodka, place in containers around and let it set for 3 days- spray carpets and other fabric. It will remove the smell.

Wash all your clothes in your closets.

Thieves” Household cleaner is a natural mineral oil cleaner. Use it in your home, on the walls, before painting.


There is a cleaner called OdoBan. It can be purchased at a WalMart in a spray bottle or you can purchase it at a Sam’s Club in a gallon jug and it has to be diluted to use it. You can spray it on carpets, furniture, and use it to wipe down everything! My ex-husband’s aunt flips houses and one house was so strong with a smoke smell you almost couldn’t breath. They washed and wiped down everything with it and the next day there was no smoke smell at all, just the fresh smell of the OdoBan. And it is safe to use around pets! You can even put it in your laundry when you wash it to remove the smoke smell from your clothes. You might have to use it 1 more time but it gets rid of the smoke smell! You just have to use it on everything and the smell will be gone! I keep it for cleaning in my home all the time. I clean my whole bathroom with it even the commode. Whatever needs to be cleaned around the house I use it. I spray my carpets and let them dry then vacuum the floors, I use is in water to mop my floors. I spray my furniture & let it dry. I spray my curtains and let them dry but you might want to take your curtains down and wash them in the washer and add OdoBan to the washer and it will take the smoke smell out.

Use cleaning vinegar. It’s sold in the vinegar section at Wal-Mart but it has a higher concentration of vinegar. Also, buy you a Swiffer Sweeper and a few cheap kitchen hand towels. Instead of using the swiffer pads, put one of the hand towels on the swiffer, spray your walls with the cleaning vinegar and wipe down with the swiffer. Be sure to rinse out your hand towel ever so often. Works like a charm and easy on the back.


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