Ways To Use Your Over Abundant Tomatoes


Ways To Use Your Over Abundant Tomatoes. Did you have a garden this year and have too many tomatoes? Here are tips to use them:

Give them away to family and friends. Or donate them to a homeless shelter.

Make Ketchup: Recipe HERE

Dry them in the sun then pack them into light olive oil. See how HERE

Knick small hole in skin, blanch, skin, squeeze out seeds, put in a freezer bag and freeze until you want to use or stew them.

Make Salsa. Recipe HERE

You can freeze them: Rinse, core and roughly quarter any assortment of tomatoes. Put in a large pot up to the rim. Simmer until tomatoes have reduced by half. At that point, you can either fish out the skins with a slotted spoon or big wire mesh spoon or allow the sauce to cook and run it through a food mill. Put into freezer bags and freeze. I don’t add spices until I use it so I can tailor it to my recipe. Delicious!

Romas are heavenly dehydrated, if you have a dehydrator.

Throw them whole…YES WHOLE… into a freezer bag and toss them in the freezer. During the winter when you want to make tomato sauce (and yes, you need time for this so know that you are going to be around the house). Take the tomatoes out and run them around warm water where the skin just comes off quick and easy. Depending on how you feel or how big the tomato is you may or may not cut it. I usually take the stem out and then toss them in a pot and let them bubble and simmer away. The seeds don’t bother me.

Pickle tomatoes. How To HERE

Make spaghetti sauce then can or freeze the sauce.

Put you tomatoes in a crock pot, cover them in water with a bit of salt. Let them stew all day. Then put them in freezer containers and freeze. Use them later to make fabulous soups and sauces.


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